Tortured Raped and Killing by Breakfast: Children of War


The use of Child Soldiers is a global problem which is most critical in Africa and Asia, but armed groups in the Americas, Eurasia and the Middle East also use children. All nations must work together with national organizations and nongovernmental organizations in taking urgent actions to disarm, demobilize, and reintegrate child soldiers.







Tamil guerilla in training, Sri Lanka, 1995.AFGHN-10245

AFGHN-12161AFGHANISTAN. Kabul. 1992. A Shia Muslim fighter from Hazara guards a checkpoint.


AFGHN-12577Tibet, 2001


Child Soldiers by: Master Photography Steve McCurry

One of the darkest and most vile tragedies of our species as a whole is the brutalization and enslavement of children. The worst possible manifestation of this is represented by the plight of the ‘War Children’ throughout the world. Being beaten, drugged, raped and tortured is all a normal fact of daily life for them. Killing and even cannibalistic massacres of their own families is frighteningly common. How so many can complain about the small issues the vast majority of humanity has, while we sit by idle knowing the plight of so many innocent children is abominable.

Next time you get pissed off at how slow the lady in front of you is counting change, or through a tantrum at a restaurant over a spot on your fork… think of what it would be like, to have not eating since last week when you were high on heroin and chopped up your mother for a meal after watching 30 men rape your 9 year old sister while 2 raped you holding your drug hazed face up the whole time to watch.

Of course if that was your life, you would probably be so dead inside you didn’t even notice, just like the rest of us apparently.


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