A Burial Party Cold Harbor Virginia

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Photographs of the dead in the past… A Burial Party, Cold Harbor, Virginia Artist/Maker(s): John Reekie, photographer [American, active 1860s] Print by Alexander Gardner, maker [American, born Scotland, 1821 – 1882] Date: negative April 1865; print 1866 A Harvest of[…]



The cells at the asylum felt like they were swallowing you up. Left in there for many hours a day I can see why people would rather take there lives than live this insane torture –  COWBOY 55 via: Flickr


Inappropriate Things in Inappropriate Places (Probably NSFW)

I was once told that something I had done was “inappropriate” and I immediately fell in love with that term. It is so loaded with the preconceptions and prejudices of the person who uses is that it gives a great insight into their character and values. The term is almost always used as a form of condemnation. And yet, the item or action may not be worthy of condemnation in itself – it’s all about context…